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CAOS Recovery Damper
CAOS Recovery Damper
CAOS Recovery Damper

CAOS Recovery Damper

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Designed to improve the safety and strength of your winch in recovery situations

When 4wding, it’s important to be prepared for all situations. If your vehicle has a winch, you need to think about what you’ll do if the cable snaps during a recovery. You don’t want to get injured or be left stranded in the mud.

Recovery dampers make recovering vehicles safer by absorbing some of the recoil if the cable snaps. They also help to reduce the chance of flying debris.

With a CAOS Recovery Damper, you can protect your vehicle, improve its safety, and prepare it for trips to come.

How to safely use the CAOS Recovery Damper:
  1. Lay the damper in an open position on the ground in line with the winch line. Never approach a winch line under tension. The line should be loose when installing the damper.
  2. Fold the damper over the cable. Ensure the damper is in the central third of the line length. Secure the top Velcro strap around the line.
  3. Fill external pockets with loose sand or dirt. Never use rocks or stones.
  4. Ensure all people, pets and property are well clear of the line before putting any tension on the line.
  5. As the cable is pulled in, you may need to adjust the position of the damper. Always release the tension on the line before approaching and making any adjustments.
  • Essential Recovery Safety
  • High Vis Reflective Tape
  • Velcro Strips For Secure Hold
  • Tough PVC with Pockets