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Ford Ranger 4wd PJ PK 2007-2011 Polyair Bellow Airbag Kit

Ford Ranger 4wd PJ PK 2007-2011 Polyair Bellow Airbag Kit

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The Polyair Bellows Ultimate load assist kits are specifically designed to suit big American SUV’s and 4WD’s. With an internal bump stop to help absorb shock, even with zero air pressure, it provides a 3 stage ride comfort.

When you load up the back of the vehicle or hook up a caravan / trailer, you’ll notice the rear end drop down, this drop in height can have some adverse effects on your vehicle’s safety and handling.
Symptoms such as:
- Suspension bottoming out
- Rough ride
- Excessive sway & body roll
- Unpredictable braking characteristics
- Poor headlight aim
- Clearance issues

All this can be mitigated by installing a set of Polyair Bellows Ultimate.
The Bellows kit is air adjustable giving you flexibility to tailor the level of support for your individual load types and weights.
Having a correctly sprung vehicle for constant loads is always recommended as the first step, but in most cases the leaf springs are rated well past what you will carry daily, giving you a rough, uncomfortable ride when not loaded up.
Having the flexibility of the adjustable Polyair Bellows means you can have a smooth stock ride comfort when unloaded and simply adjust the pressure when towing or hauling. Simple.

- Air adjustable from 5-100psi
- Internal bump stop
- Built with a superior 2-ply fabric reinforced rubber
- Ultra high strength & corrosion proof Zytel ® Nylon end caps
- Easy to install with illustrated instructions
- Quick connecting, easy to use air fittings.
- Kits designed for standard height and raised applications
- Bespoke design for each vehicle

2 year, unlimited km warranty.