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Bilstein B6 Offroad Rear Shocks Toyota Prado 150series

Bilstein B6 Offroad Rear Shocks Toyota Prado 150series

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Standard Height to 40mm Raised 2009-on

(Upper Bushes Not supplied with this unit )

The Toyota Prado 150 Series is the latest and current iteration of the popular Prado namesake. Building upon what made the Prados before it so great, the 150 Series retains that legendary offroad capability and reliability in a more decked-out package. The Prado is for those looking for a 4x4 that possesses everything that makes the fully-fledged LandCruiser so great without the immense size, slotting in as the mid-sized offering in the LandCruiser range.

Bilstein Australia offers the perfect suspension solution for those looking to improve upon the Prado 150 Series, on-road and off-road handling dynamics. The B6 Offroad shock absorber has been developed to provide a plethora of handling improvements no matter what the road ahead holds, ensuring an enhanced all-round driving experience.

The Bilstein B6 Offroad shock absorber has been designed to be a direct fit for the rear of your Prado 150 Series. Thus, you can expect a simple, straightforward installation process.

The Bilstein B6 has been design to help eliminate unwanted handling dynamics that are usually found in 4x4s such as the Prado 150 Series. Thanks to Bilstein's gas pressure technology and monotube construction, the B6 Offroad shock absorber provides consistent performance in all sorts of driving conditions and with a long service life, they'll continue to perform for years to come. They also provide an increase in load carrying capacity due to Bilstein's precise damper settings. This means safer, more reliable and more effective hauling, whether it be carrying or towing cargo.